Rich Christoph

Richard T. Christoph

Professor Emeritus of Business & Information Systems

College of Business and Information Systems

I serve as a Professor Emeritus of Business and Computer Information Systems in the College of Business and Information Systems at Dakota State University. I have been involved in the computer information systems area since 1977 when I began working with the IBM Corporation as a Marketing Representative. I enjoy teaching in the Data Communications and Networking area as well as Management Information Systems and the strategic utilization of information systems as a competitive advantage. I would be delighted to talk with you about the College of  Business and Information Systems, Dakota State University, or whatever else might be of interest. I enjoy outdoor activities, woodworking, and  railroad history. I teach BADM 482 , INFS 612 and INFS 780 in the online area.

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Restoring a 1950 Martin Outboard   Pen Making     trucenter


Sunset in Pasco, WA - 2007

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Images from a great trip to the western coast (July, 2005)
 Photos by Rick Christoph

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