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Tech Exam - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tech Exam?
Students will complete a locally-developed, multiple-choice exam to demonstrate knowledge of the general education curriculum related to information technology skills. The exam will cover computer applications, programming, and computer concepts. Further details are provided below.
When will students take the Tech Exam?
Students enrolled in CIS 130 Visual Basic Programming, CIS 123 Problem Solving & Programming, or CSC 150 Computer Science I will take the Tech Exam during class time near the end of the semester.
What are the specific details of the Tech Exam?
  • Students will have 60 minutes to complete the exam.
  • The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions.
  • Students must use Respondus LockDown Browser to take the exam.
What kind of questions are asked in the Tech Exam?
The breakdown of the questions is as follows:
Category # of Questions
Programming 15
Word 9
Excel 9
Access 9
Web and PowerPoint 9
Office and Concepts 9
What is the minimum score needed to pass the Tech Exam?
The Assessment Office will notify you by email shortly the semester concludes if you did not achieve the passing score. If your score is below the minimum, you may have to take the exam again in the future.
What topics can be studied to help prepare for the Tech Exam?
It will be helpful to:
  • review assignments and concepts from CSC 105 Intro to Computers
  • review and/or look up parts of a computer, basic computer-user concepts & terminology, etc.
  • review assignments and concepts from CIS 130, CIS 123, or CSC 150
What if a student has already taken the Tech Exam as a part of the proficiency exam?
Even if you have taken the Tech Exam previously, you will need to take it again in the class. The exam has been revised and will be a part of your grade for CIS 130, CIS 123, or CSC 150.