DSU School Songs

Alma Mater

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DSU Alma Mater

On the Eastern plains of South Dakota
Where the sunshine is ever near,
There’s a college we are proud to honor
Whose name to us is dear.

Cheer her on to victory,
Now your voices raise
For her colors blue and gold, sing praise.

Dakota State University
Dakota State University
True and loyal to thy name forever
Nothing from our hearts thy love can sever

Hail to thee our college may thy spirit live,
Our Alma Mater D-S-U.

al·ma ma·ter or Al·ma Ma·ter 
1. The school, college, or university that one has attended.

2. The anthem of an institution of higher learning.

Rouser (Fight Song)

SingAlong Rouser (download link)

DSU Rouser

Fight on for DSU.
Our Trojan teams
Will make us proud.

Fight on for Blue and Gold.
We raise our cheers, a loyal crowd.

Dakota State fights on!
Dakota State fights on!

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