Heroes, Helpers and Entrepreneurs

Leveraging the past to build the future of South Dakota Communities

This site will contain the websites and guides used in the TIE workshop, in hopes that you will take it back to your own school to build a spiraling curriculum for entrepreneurs that supports your community.

Guiding Questions:

1. How can we preserve the richness of our community heritage, and let our students know the value of what is before them?

2. How can we enhance economic opportunity through ecological action?

3. How can we revitalize our community through economic action?

Workshop Handout

Intro Photostory

Heroes, Helpers and Entrepreneurs profile PowerPoint

Dale Coates

Old South Dakota Maps

Clough House

Girton House

Timeline in Excel

Wiken Example

Wiken Madison Example Excel Timeline

SD Energy

Science Handout

Sketchup PowerPoint

Sketchup Cube

Creating a Sketchup Cube Flash tutorial

Sketchup QuickTools Guide





Gazillionaire PowerPoint

Gazillionaire Excel Sheet

Gazillionaire Hints

Home Town Competitiveness

Internet Resources for Entrepreneur Educators

Creativity for Entrepreneurs

Small Business Administration Curriculum

Federal Reserve Curriculum

Entrepreneur Curriculum

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement of South Dakota

Junior Achievement Programs Correlated to South Dakota Standards

South Dakota Content Standards

Gazillionaire, zipped

Gazillionaire, Educational Pricing, Site License =$450 per building

Sites researched to put this presentation together

Dr. Neck of Babson College Entrepreneur education session


What if Schools were more like startups?