Steps to running Photostory 3 on Windows 7 DSU Fujitsu 1010

Try this download. It has worked on the the Windows 7 systems we have tested it on, but reportedly will not work on all systems.

Another option is to create a PowerPoint, upload it to Voicethread, and narrate it. See the tutorials at Voicethread for how to do that. The tutorial under help are useful for getting started.

Okay, you are not going to be beat by the machine. Here is another way, but somewhat complicated, on how make photostory 3 work on your computer. I do not recommend this option for NON-DSU students.

Start by entering your bios, the black screen that shows up when you boot your fiujitsu. Press "enter" to keep this screen from disappearing.

Next, use your arrow key to move the active screen to advanced.

Then down arrow to select "cpu features". Hit enter.

Select Virtualization Technology. Toggle the "disabled" setting to "enabled". This will allow you to install and run a virtual Windows XP, and Photostory 3, on your fiujitsu.

Make sure virtualization is "enabled"

Click escape when backing out of the BIOS, but not too fast, as you will want to save changes on exit. By the way, there is a "restore defaults" feature if you don't like this when you are done.

Be sure to select the Exit Saving Changes option. Once you exit, your computer will continue booting up.

Now you are ready to go to this site.

If you are running a DSU 1010 Fiujitsu, the answers to 1 & 2 are yes. The answer for #3 is selecting the 32bit Windows 7 Professional. Select English for your language.

Now you are ready to follow the rest of Microsofts prompts here.

Be sure to install the large file (Windows XP, 500+ mb) FIRST (this will take a while, it is very big), THEN install Microsoft Virtual PC.

When you are done with all of the above, you can install and run photostory3 from this zipped file.