Robert N. Jackson

Associate Professor of Communication
Dakota State University, College of Arts & Sciences

327 Beadle Hall
Madison, SD 57042
605-256-5272 (office)
605-256-2186 (home)
605-480-4116 (cell)

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Ph. D. - University of Nebraska - Lincoln
M.S. in Counseling - South Dakota State University
M.S. - Illinois State University
B.S. - Illinois State University

Courses taught at Dakota State University

Courses I am scheduled to teach

Summer 2010

Fall 2010

Spring 2011

My Digital Stories:

Unexpected Ariel                     Zay DYI Contest Entry              Orange Slices (in progress)                      Dad: An Adventure in

Alzheimer's (in progress)

Digital work by my students

Digital Stories: Doyle Holden’s ”Rodeo”, Carrie Aus’ “Carrie's Bridal Story”, and Kristen Cooper’s “Karate: Expect the Unexpected”, as well as Tyler Walls,”A Transitional Experience”, Corey Raymer’s “Richardson Hall Slip ‘n Slide”, and Jay Bachmayer’s “An Affliction of Time”.

Graphic Class Projects: Jay Bachmayer’s Rogue Ad, Terra Toribio’s Rockstar and Flashing Lights ads, and Cody Thaler’s “Chocolate Touch” Ad, Amanda Duprez’s “Puma” Ad, and Donna Rice’s “FAA” Ad.

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